Breaded olives 120g (10 min)

18 lei.

Hummus with truffles 200g (15 min)

(chickpeas, sesame paste, white truffles puree, oil truffles)

45 lei.

Moules mariniere served with french fries 500g (15 min)

(mussels in wine sauce served with french fries)

68 lei.

King crab tartar with lime dressing 200g (15 min)

(Alaska crab meat, mango, avocado, ginger, lime and honey dressing)

150 lei.

Gamberetti All’Aglio 150g (10 min)

(grilled prawns served sizzling with olive oil and garlic in a clay pot)

49 lei.

Spicy cheese cigars 250g (15 min)

39 lei.

Duck confit cigars 150g (15 min)

37 lei.

Tuna sashimi with avocado paste 250g (15 min)

118 lei.

Salty calamari 250g (10 min)

(deep freid squid in flour crust served with sweet pepper sauce)

54 lei.

Burrata with cherry tomatoes & truflles 300g (20 min)

(burrata, tomatoes cherry, truffles, parmesan)

69 lei.

Edamame with truflles 200g (15 min)

(edamame, salt, white truffles puree)

39 lei.

Oven baked red pepper with goat cheese 200g (20 min)

39 lei.

Fried zucchini served with RaRiki 300g (15 min)

39 lei.

Foie gras terrine 150g (20 min)

(foie gras, porto wine, fresh truffles, pears, mango chutney)

75 lei.

Spicy feta dip with eggplant salad and baked peppers 400g (20 min)

(cremă de brânză feta picantă, salată de vinete cu iaurt, ardei copţi)

53 lei.


Duo di Bruschetta 200g (15 min.)

(bruschetta with tomatoes, garlic and basil and oven baked bruschetta with mozzarella and thyme)

36 lei.

Aberdeen Beef Burger 300g (20 min)

(Aberdeen beef, home made bread, jalapeno pepper, bacon, iceberg salad, mushrooms, potatoes chips)

75 lei.

Japanese Sandwich with confit duck and green salad 200g (20 min)

(bread, duck meat, bell peper, fenel, salad, garlic, ginger)

59 lei.


Insalata di pollo 350g (15 min)

(green salad, tomatoes, mushrooms, chicken breast, fresh mozzarela, parmesan, dressing, focaccia)

53 lei.

Salmon teriyaki salad 350 g (15 min)

(salmon file, salad mix, cherry tomatoes, rice noodles, ginger, teriyaki sauce, China cabbage)

98 lei.

Caesar salad with shrimps 350g (20 min)

(shrimps, anchovy, garlic, mixed green salad, parmesan, caesar dressing, focaccia)

58 lei.

Spicy red tuna salad 350g (20 min)

(spicy red tuna, mixed green salad, dressing, wakame, focaccia)

108 lei.

Rucola salad with cherry tomatoes and parmesan 150g (10 min)

32 lei.

Insalata con formaggio di capra e noci al forno 350g (15 min)

(gratinated goat cheese, green salad, nuts, pomegranate, sundried tomatoes, aceto balsamic dressing, focaccia)

59 lei.


Zuppa del giorno 200g (15 min)

Soup of the day

26 lei.

Chef's choice 300g (15 min)

(5 Seas soup shrimps, octopus, squid, mussels, st-jacques scallops)

59 lei.

Crema ai pomodori cotti al forno 200g (15 min)

(oven roasted tomato soup with bocconcini mozzarella)

26 lei.

Pasta e Risotto

Tagliatelle ai porcini freschi and truffles 300g (20 min)

(tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms and truffles)

48 lei.

Wild salmon ravioli served with asian white sauce 300g (20 min)

(Wild salmon ravioli, coconut milk, garlic, lemon grass, ginger)

57 lei.

Spaghetti with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and basil 300g (15 min)

38 lei.

Lasagna bolognese 350g (25 min)

52 lei.

Spaghetti con gamberetti 300g (20 min)

(spaghetti, shrimp, hot pepper, garlic, dried tomatoes)

64 lei.

Risotto al formaggio di capra e asparagi 300g (20 min)

(goat chesse risotto with asparagus)

58 lei.

Pesto risotto with grilled calamari 350g (20 min)

61 lei.

Risotto con gamberi 350g (20 min)

(risotto with shrimps and lobster sauce)

75 lei.

Saffron risotto with pan seared salmon and scallops 350g (20 min)

79 lei.

Pesce e Frutti di Mare

Grilled salmon with spinach and capers 350g (20 min)

98 lei.

Red Tuna steak with avocado salad 350g (25 min)

(grilled red tuna served with avocado, mix salad, red onion, avocado dressing)

96 lei.

Stuffed calamari 300g (20 min)

(calamari stuffed with goat cheese, served with salad mixt)

98 lei.

Grilled octopus with green salad mix 200g (20 min)

91 lei.

Sea bass with shimeji mushrooms 300g (20 min)

(sea bass fillet ,shimeji mushrooms, chilli, rice, soya sauce)

94 lei.

Il plateau del re 2 pax/4 pax 1400g/280g (30 min)

(lobster, shrimps, octopus, squid, mussels, clams, St- Jacques, seabass, served with teriyaki rice, rice in white wine and mix salad)

220/418 lei.


The Best Price/100g

Main Course

T-BONE USA 650g (25 min)

198 lei.

Chateaubriand Uruguay Angus (2 pers) 600g (25 min)

246 lei.

Uruguay Beef fillet with gratinated potatoes 300g (25 min)

132 lei.

Coq au vin 600g (30 min)

(oven baked chicken with wine sauce and porcini mushrooms, served with mashed potatoes )

91 lei.

Lamb tenderloin with hummus 300g (25 min)

96 lei.

Crispy duck 400g (25 min)

89 lei.

Chicken schnitzel served with mashed potatoes 300g (25 min)

(chicken breast in panko crust served with mashed potatoes )

52 lei.

Uruguay Black Angus Ribeye 350g (25 min)

(Uruguay Black Angus ribeye served with mixed green salad)

178 lei.


Vegetarina 200g (10 min)

(grilled vegetables – peppers, mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini, cherry tomatoes)

16 lei.

French fries with truffles and parmesan 200g (10 min)

24 lei.

Spinaci Sote/Broccoli 200g (10 min)

16 lei.

Gratinated potatoes 150g (10 min)

16 lei.

Pesto risotto 300g (20min)

(rice, basil pesto, parmesan, butter)

42 lei.

Asparagus grilled/sote with parmiggiano 150g (10 min)

25 lei.

Jasmin Rice in white wine 150g (10 min)

16 lei.

Potato Puree (classic or with garlic/basil) 200g (10 min)

16 lei.

Pizza Forno a Legna 32 cm


(mozzarela, mozzarella bocconcini, parmesan, fresh, truffle oil, oregano)

52 lei.


(mozzarella, tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, cream cheese, oregano)

39 lei.

PIZZA STUDIO80 (15 min)

(mozzarella, prosciuto, parmesan, rocket salad)

47 lei.


(mozzarela, hot salami, peperoncino, spicy sauce)

40 lei.


(mozzarella, tomato sauce, shrimps, pesto, garlic)

53 lei.


(egg plant, zucchini, pepper, mushrooms, mozzarela, oregano)

32 lei.


(mozzarela, mozzarella bocconcini, gorgonzola, parmigiano)

42 lei.


(mozzarela, ham, mushrooms)

39 lei.


(mozzarela, bacon, garlic)

37 lei.


(mozzarela, ham, pepper, corn, artichoke/mushroom)

38 lei.


(mozzarela, tomato sauce, oregano)

29 lei.

FOCACCIA & Extra Topping

Focaccia (15 min)

13 lei.

Selezione di Focacce (15 min)

Focaccia with parmesan/ focaccia with garlic/ focaccia with rosemary/ focaccia with sesame and parmesan

17 lei.

Sugo di Pomodoro

Tomato sauce

5 lei.

Extra topping

Fresh Mozzarella, mushrooms,pepper, onion, bocconcini, corn, ham, spiced salami, chicken breast, olives, anchois, capers

5 lei.

* We let you choose the pizza dough: crisp, classic or fluffy.


Caramel profiterol 180g (10 min)

(profiterol with chocolate, ice cream, caramel topping, salty almonds)

31 lei.

Parfait with raspberry sorbeto 180g (10 min)

32 lei.

Tapioca with Exotic Fruits 170g (10 min)

31 lei.

Dulche di Leche - Napoleon 200g (10 min)

(puff pastry with vanilla cream and berry)

31 lei.

Chocolate biscuit cake 200g (10 min)

31 lei.

Amandina Cake 250g (10 min)

31 lei.

Selection of ice cream and sorbet (10 min)

9 lei/ cup.