About us

Who we are?

The Bistro Studio 80 was born from our passion for the Mediterranean: the blue heart that pulsates the life of the shores that surround it. We stayed fascinated by landscapes, people, hospitality, culture, feelings and feelings.

The inhabitants of these lands have finally conquered us: full of life, sunsets, unimaginable warmth, hospitable people, gourmets and obviously excellent chefs, they convinced us that the ingredients of the Mediterranean cuisine – the wildlife of the sea, the wine and herbs of Italy, the spices of North Africa, the warmth of Spain, the effusion of Greece and the refinement of France, form a country itself, unique in its variety.

In the years that followed, our wonderful CHEF team was attracted to the exciting tastes of the Asian cuisine, so that rice pastes, bamboo buds, coconut milk, wood ear mushrooms, soy sauce, and much more are also found giving color to some of our emblematic dishes.

We have gathered them all and brought them here to your delight, our menu being composed today of three distinct sections: one with Mediterranean influences, one with Asian influences and the Teppanyaki section.

So, we are waiting for you in a warm and jovial atmosphere, intimately and discreetly, away from the daily turmoil, to convince you that the attributes of the Mediterranean are not only the result of the birthplace of history but also of the passion with which we got them together and we have joined them under the name STUDIO 80!