Seabass gravlax with smoked rice 250g (A,D,G,Alc) – 20 min

79 lei.

Miso Cod 250g (B,D,G,F,V) – 20 min                                                  

(Alaskan black cod marinated in miso sauce, served with celery puree and apple salsa)

131 lei.

Sea bream with sicilian sauce 600g (A,D,G,Alc) – 25 min

(sea bream, cherry tomatoes, olives, capers, hot pepper)

104 lei.

Butter sauce seafood 300g (B,G) – 25min

(grilled shrimp, squid & octopus served with Mediterranean butter sauce)

127 lei.

Mediterranean octopus with green salad mix 200g (R) – 20 min

99 lei.

Sea bass with shimeji mushrooms 300g (A,D,F) – 20 min

(sea bass fillet, shimeji mushrooms, hot pepper, rice, soya sauce)

96 lei.

Red Tuna steak with asparagus and concase tomatoes 350g (D) – 25 min

(grilled red tuna served with asparagus, kalamata olives, concase tomatoes)  

125 lei.

Il platea del re 2 pax/4 pax 1400g/2800g (A,B,D,F,G,N,R,Alc) – 30min

(lobster, shrimps, octopus, squid, mussels, clams, St. Jacques, seabass, served with teriyaki rice, rice in white wine and mix salad)

307/519 lei.


The Best Price/100g