Spaghetti and Meatballs 350g(Pork) – 15min                                             

(spaghetti, beef-pork meatballs, tomatoes sauce)

46 lei.

Linguine con vongole 400g (A,G,R,Alc) – 20 min                       

(linguine, vongole)

67 lei.

Truffles pasta 200g (A,G) – 15 min

51 lei.

Saffron risotto with pan seared salmon and scallops (A, D,G, R) 300g – 20 min

95 lei.

Lobster spaghetti (A,B) 400g – 20 min

(spaghetti, lobster, squid, cherry tomatoes, artichoke)

210 lei.

Lasagna (A,G,Alc) 350g – 25 min

56 lei.

Beetroot risotto with goat cheese 300g (A,G,N, Alc) – 20 min

58 lei.

Jumbo Shrimp Risotto (A,L,Alc) 350g – 20 min

(risotto with jumbo shrimp and lobster bisque)

104 lei.

*Please specify to the waiter if you want your risotto / pasta to be cooked „al dente”.