USA T-bone steak 650g         25 min

45 lei/100g.

Chateaubriand Uruguay Angus (2 pers) (G, L) 600g         25 min

368 lei.

Royal Gordon Bleu (A,C, F) 400g         25 min

(pork cutlet, truffles, Prague ham, Greek cheese, salad bouquet, pumpkin seeds)

98 lei.

Venison Chop 250g         20min

(deer chops, parsnips, carrot, fennel, beetroot)

99 lei.

Lamb osso bucco 350 g       25 min           

(confit lamb leg served with chickpeas sote, spring onion, chilli, rosemary sauce)

125 lei.

Uruguay Beef fillet (G, D, G, M) 250 g         25 min             

191 lei.

Crispy duck 400g (F,N)         25 min

99 lei.

Veal schnitzel (A,C,G) 500 g         20 min

189 lei.

Uruguay Black Angus Ribeye (L) 350 g         25 min

(Uruguay Black Angus ribeye served with mixed green salad)

189 lei.

* At your request, meat dishes can be served with the desired sauce: pepper sauce, gorgonzola sauce, port wine sauce, rosemary sauce.