Spicy red tuna salad 350g (A,D)         20min

(spicy red tuna, mixed green salad, dressing, wakame, focaccia)

87 lei.

Octopus Salad 300g ( D,G)         15min

(octopus, potatoes, salad, truffle, carrote, tomatoes, aceto balsamic dressing)

98 lei.

Salmon teriyaki salad 350g (A,D,F,N)         15min   

(salmon fillet, salad mix, cherry tomatoes, rice noodles, ginger, teriyaki sauce, China cabbage, focaccia)

98 lei.

Tempura duck salad 350g         20 min

(confit duck leg, mixed green salad, pomegranate, Asian dressing)

93 lei.

Crouton Salad 350g (A,C,G)         15 min             

(green salad, dried tomatoes, schnitzel made of chicken raised with grains, parmesan cheese, marinated red onion, croutons, dressing)

63 lei.

House salad 400g (A,E,G,H)         15 min             

(garden greens, walnut, green apple, goat cheese, raisins, dried cranberries, cherry tomato, pomegranate seeds, olive oil and pomegranate molasses dressing)

52 lei.

Winter pickled salad 200g                10min

(celery, carrot, turmeric)

32 lei.