Antipasto board for 2 persons  600g (A,G) - 15 min

(coppa, bresaola, salam cu trufe, masline, gorgonzola, parmezan, camembert)

108 lei.

Spicy cheese cigars 250g (C,G) - 15min

(tigarete din foi de orez, umplute cu branza feta picanta)

48 lei.

King crab tartar with lime dressing 200g (A,B) - 15min

( Alaska crab meat, mango, avocado, ginger, lime and honey dressing)

    167 lei.

Fried zucchini served with tzatziki  300g (A,G) - 15min

    39 lei.

Foie gras terrine  150g (A,Alc) - 20min

(foie gras, porto wine, fresh truffles, pears, mango chutney)

   96 lei.

Cretan DAKOS   300g  (A, Veg) - 15 min

(tomato, feta cheese, fresh thyme, spring onion, pepper, basil, rye bread)

42 lei.

Moules mariniere served with french fries 500g (B,E,R)  - 15 min

(mussels in wine sauce served with french fries)

73 lei.

Escargots 100g (G,R) - 10 min

(Burgundy Snails) 

98 lei.

Hummus with truffles 200g (A,N) - 15 min

52 lei.

Beef tartar 350g (A,G,M) - 20 min

(beef fillet, onion, parsley, capers, butter, mustard, spiral potatoes)

98 lei.

Gamberetti All’Aglio 150g (A,B) - 10 min

(grilled prawns served sizzling with olive oil and garlic in a clay pot)

56 lei.

Breaded olives 120g (A,C) - 10 min

22 lei.

Tuna sashimi with avocado paste 250g (A,D,F,G,N) - 15 min

94 lei.

Salty calamari & shrimps 250g (A,C) - 15 min

(deep fried squid and shrimps in flour crust served with sweet chilli sauce)

74 lei.

Edamame with truflles 200g (Veg) - 15 min

(edamame, salt, white truffle puree)

46 lei.


Crab Burger 350g (A,B,D) - 20 min

(Crab, shrimp, salmon, avocado, mayonnaise, shiitake mushrooms, potato chips, truffle paste)

108 lei.

Shrimp Fajitas 250g (A,B,G) -  20min 

(shrimps, pepper,onion, mushrooms, tortilla, salsa & sour cream sauce with green onion)

98 lei.

American Beef Burger 300g (A,N,G) - 20min                          

(America beef, homemade bread, jalapeno, bacon,  mushroom, garlic potatoes chips)

89 lei.

Cheddar Cheese and Jalapeno Peppers Nachos 250g (A,G) - 15 min

49 lei.


Spicy red tuna salad 350g (A,D) - 20min

(spicy red tuna, mixed green salad, dressing, wakame, focaccia)

87 lei.

Greek Salad with grilled calamari(A, D,G) 300g - 15min

(feta cheese, organic tomatoes, cucumber, green peppers, dry onions, capers, oregano & extra virgin olive oil dressing)

84 lei.

AsianSalad with spicy tempura shrimps 350g (A,B, D,G) - 15min

(shrimps, tempura, chilli, mixed salad,mayonnaise, soya, peking sauce)

60 lei.

Quinoa Salad 300g (A) - 15min

(quinoa, apple, goji, iceberg, curry, maple syrup, olive oil)

32 lei.

Summer salad 350g (Veg,G) - 15min

(cherry tomatoes, Feta cheese, balsamic vinegar dressing)

41 lei.

Octopus Salad 300g ( D,G) - 15min

(octopus, potatoes, salad, truffle, carrote, tomatoes, aceto balsamic dressing)

98 lei.

Salmon teriyaki salad 350g (A,D,F,N) - 15min   

(salmon fillet, salad mix, cherry tomatoes, rice noodles, ginger, teriyaki sauce, China cabbage, focaccia)

98 lei.

Crouton Salad 350g (A,C,G) - 15 min             

(green salad, dried tomatoes, schnitzel made of chicken raised with grains, parmesan cheese, marinated red onion, croutons, dressing)

63 lei.

House salad 400g (A,E,G,H) - 15 min             

(garden greens, walnut, green apple, goat cheese, raisins, dried cranberries, cherry tomato, pomegranate seeds, olive oil and pomegranate molasses dressing)

52 lei.


Soup of the day 200g  (B,G,L R) - 15 min

(ask the waiter)

37 lei.

Crema ai pomodori cotti al forno 200g - 15 min

(oven-roasted tomato soup)

37 lei.

Chef's choice 300g (B,R) 15 min

(„5 seas” soup -shrimps, octopus, squid, mussels, St Jacques scallops)

59 lei.

Consomme with homemade noodles (C,L) 200g - 15 min

34 lei.

Pasta e Risotto

Spaghetti and Meatballs 350g(Pork) - 15min                                             

(spaghetti, beef-pork meatballs, tomatoes sauce)

46 lei.

Linguine con vongole 400g (A,G,R,Alc) - 20 min                       

(linguine, vongole)

67 lei.

Truffles pasta 200g (A,G) - 15 min

51 lei.

Saffron risotto with pan seared salmon and scallops (A, D,G, R) 300g - 20 min

95 lei.

Lobster spaghetti (A,B) 400g - 20 min

(spaghetti, lobster, squid, cherry tomatoes, artichoke)

210 lei.

Lasagna (A,G,Alc) 350g - 25 min

56 lei.

Beetroot risotto with goat cheese 300g (A,G,N, Alc) - 20 min

58 lei.

Jumbo Shrimp Risotto (A,L,Alc) 350g - 20 min

(risotto with jumbo shrimp and lobster bisque)

104 lei.

*Please specify to the waiter if you want your risotto / pasta to be cooked "al dente".

Pesce e Frutti di Mare

Seabass gravlax with smoked rice 250g (A,D,G,Alc) - 20 min

79 lei.

Miso Cod 250g (B,D,G,F,V) - 20 min                                                  

(Alaskan black cod marinated in miso sauce, served with celery puree and apple salsa)

131 lei.

Sea bream with sicilian sauce 600g (A,D,G,Alc) - 25 min

(sea bream, cherry tomatoes, olives, capers, hot pepper)

104 lei.

Butter sauce seafood 300g (B,G) - 25min

(grilled shrimp, squid & octopus served with Mediterranean butter sauce)

127 lei.

Mediterranean octopus with green salad mix 200g (R) - 20 min

99 lei.

Sea bass with shimeji mushrooms 300g (A,D,F) - 20 min

(sea bass fillet, shimeji mushrooms, hot pepper, rice, soya sauce)

96 lei.

Red Tuna steak with asparagus and concase tomatoes 350g (D) - 25 min

(grilled red tuna served with asparagus, kalamata olives, concase tomatoes)  

125 lei.

Il platea del re 2 pax/4 pax 1400g/2800g (A,B,D,F,G,N,R,Alc) - 30min

(lobster, shrimps, octopus, squid, mussels, clams, St. Jacques, seabass, served with teriyaki rice, rice in white wine and mix salad)

307/519 lei.


The Best Price/100g

Main Course

USA T-bone steak 650g - 25 min

45 lei/100g.

Chateaubriand Uruguay Angus (2 pers) (G, L) 600g - 25 min

360 lei.

Royal Gordon Bleu (A,C, F) 400g - 25 min

(pork cutlet, truffles, Prague ham, Greek cheese, salad bouquet, pumpkin seeds)

94 lei.

Uruguay Beef fillet with Café de Paris sauce (G, D, G, M) 250 g -  25 min 

191 lei.

Crispy duck 400g (F,N) - 25 min

99 lei.

Veal schnitzel (A,C,G) 500 g - 20 min

139 lei.

Uruguay Black Angus Ribeye (L) 350 g - 25 min

(Uruguay Black Angus ribeye served with mixed green salad)

187 lei.

* At your request, meat dishes can be served with the desired sauce: pepper sauce, gorgonzola sauce, port wine sauce, rosemary sauce.


Vegetarina 200g (V) - 10 min

(grilled vegetables – peppers, mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini, cherry tomatoes)

24 lei.

French fries with truffles and parmesan 200g (A,G) - 10 min

28 lei.

Spinaci sote /Broccoli 200g (G) - 10 min

24 lei.

Gratinated potatoes 150g (A,C,G) - 10 min

22 lei.

Pesto risotto 300g (A,G,Alc) - 20 min

(rice, basil pesto, parmesan, butter)

45 lei.

Asparagus grilled/sote with parmiggiano 150g (G) - 10 min

37 lei.

Jasmin Rice in white wine 150g (A,G,Alc) - 10 min

20 lei.

Potato Puree (classic/truffles) 200g (G) - 10 min

20/28 lei.

Pizza Forno a Legna 32 cm

Truffle Pizza (A, G) - 15 min

(mozzarela, mozzarella bocconcini, parmesan, fresh truffles, oregano)

66 lei.

Pizza Summer (A,G) - 15 min                                                                      

(mozzarella, tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, cream cheese, oregano)

42 lei.

Pizza Studio80 (A, G) - 15 min

(mozzarella, prosciuto, parmesan, rocket salad, tomato sauce)

52 lei.

Pizza Diavola (A, G, V) - 15 min

(mozzarella, hot salami, peperoncino, spicy tomato sauce)

47 lei.

Pizza con Gamberi (A,B,G) - 15 min

(mozzarella, tomato sauce, shrimps, pesto, garlic)

64 lei.

Pizza ala Verdure (A,G) - 15 min

(egg plant, zucchini, pepper, mushrooms, mozzarella, oregano, tomato sauce)

39 lei.

Pizza Quatro Formagi (A, G) - 15 min

(mozzarella, mozzarella bocconcini, gorgonzola, parmigiana, tomto sauce)

59 lei.

Pizza Proscciuto e Funghi (A,G) - 15 min

(mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, tomato sauce)

41 lei.

Pizza Toscana (A,G,V) - 15 min

(mozzarella, bacon, garlic, tomato sauce)

43 lei.

Pizza Quatro Stagione (A,G,V) - 15 min

(mozzarella, ham, pepper, sweet corn, artichoke/mushroom, tomato sauce)

52 lei.

Pizza Margherita (A,G) - 15 min

(mozzarella, tomato sauce, oregano)

34 lei.

FOCACCIA & Extra Topping

Focaccia (A,G) - 15 min

20 lei.

Selezione di focacce (A,G) - 15 min

(focaccia with parmesan/focaccia with garlic/focaccia with rosemary/focaccia with sesame & parmesan)

27 lei.

Sugo di Pomodoro

(tomato sauce)

5 lei.

Extra topping

(fresh mozzarella, mushrooms, pepper, onion, bocconcini, sweet corn, ham, spicy salami, chicken breast, olives, anchois, capers)

7 lei.

* We leave it to you to choose the countertop: crisp, classic or fluffy.


Cake of the day

(ask the waiter)

Chocolate tart with raspberry jelly 180g - 10 min

35 lei.

Mars Cheesecake 180g (C, G)  - 10 min

35 lei.

Ciocco Locco Pizza - 20 min

89 lei.

Dulce di Leche - Napoleon 200g (A,C,G) - 10 min          

(puff pastry with vanilla cream and berry)

35 lei.

Caramel profiterol 180 g (A,C,G) - 10min                   

(profiterol with chocolate, ice cream, caramel topping, salty almonds)

35 lei.

Tapioca with Exotic Fruits   170g (A,C,G) - 10 min

35 lei.

Selection of ice cream and sorbet - 10 min

(Selecţie de îngheţată şi sorbet)

15 lei/cupa

Allergen information according to Codex recommendation:

A: Cereals containing gluten - B: Crustaceans - C: Egg - D: Fish - E: Peanut - F: Soy - G: Milk or lactose

H: Nuts - L: Celery - M: Mustard - N: Sesame - O: Sulfites - P: Lupins - R: Molluscs

Additional product information in our dishes

ALC: Alcohol - PORK: Pig – V: Vegetarian - VEG: Veg